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The “grandfather mill” is the old mill-house of our grandfathers, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, when our grandfather Antonio and his father Daniel settled down on a mountainside in a fertile community (called Las Huertas de Montecorto), a valley with springs of water everywhere, the beauty that surrounds Montecorto makes you sigh and I believe it made them too. Sonext to a small stream they began to raise the walls of the Mill. Dzel Molino del abuelodz is a project of two brothers. Although we were born in a city, our life path searching for a way to live close to nature, it makes us to start to dream with this project, it was the seed of this life learning experience The creation of a space, “the mill of the grandfather”, where it is possible to connect with Nature and its biorhythms, arises in this experience, in this vital learning. A space that invites us to breathe consciously, to disconnect from the mental boragine that we are subjected to. We put in a shaker ingredients that we believe essential in our way of understanding Life, such as: art, organic agriculture, healthy food, recycling, bio-construction, yoga, direct contact with nature, conscious breathing, and we hit the button !! ! After years of “sculpting” work, this project, this way of living and understanding sustainable tourism, come out. And it is within that context that human encounters arise where all of us and our clients have the opportunity to be ourselves, to express ourselves more genuinely.

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