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Room 1
  • mimosa room
  • mimosa room
  • mimosa room views
  • mimosa room
  • mimosa room
  • mimosa room views

Mimosa Room

Start From€70.00 / Night
Bed1 Double bed
ViewEcological veg garden and pine forest

“The mill of the grandfather”, is a project, a way of living closer to Nature, more aware of the resources we use, with the energy we consume and produce, with food, producing in large part, in a non-aggressive way With Mother Earth, the way in which we build day by day this little paradise, in which we try, in which our challenge-dream is to be more conscious and respectful with what surrounds us and with those that surround us.
Yoga is a very important pillar of our lives and you will be able to breathe it in the way we live and do. If you feel at some point practicing with us you are more than welcome
The grandfather mill consists of 5 double rooms Each of the room is dedicated to a local plant with a beautiful hand painted mural
3 of the rooms have a double bed and the other two twin beds that can be put together making a large bed if you prefer it this way , (every day there are more people who like it and ask us for this option, that is why we have two of our rooms with this option)

Room Mimosa: This double room has a balcony that looks towards our organic garden where we grow food and flowers, and the pine forest that crowns Montecorto. You can see and listen from the balcony the stream of water that runs along the House the Singing of the water invites so easily to disconnect from the stress that we often carry in the depths of our being. Mimosa has ensuite bathroom, the bathroom desing is a nod to Gaudi’s art, and you’ll see how nice it is!