Breakfast ̈the Mill of the grandfather”.

We love a good breakfast!

The popular wisdom of many cultures stands out, it gives special importance to start the day with a good breakfast, with a leisurely, conscious breakfast. A breakfast in which the flavors, the colors, the textures invite us to celebrate the beginning of a new day with a positive attitude, slow, with a good taste in the mouth. Celebration that we think, we feel, that we must do it with a lot of respect towards our bodies, with a lot of respect towards Mother Nature that provides us. That is why the products that we choose and use have been collected, exchanged or bought with a philosophy behind it, trying to be coherent with the way we understand and want to live our lives, respecting Nature and the community in which we live.


Buy locally helps the local economy, as consumer we would like to minimize our footprint in the Planet. We think that by supporting local products we contribute with a small grain of sand to maintain the richness and biodiversity of the seeds, animals and plants that share an ecosystem with us.


We are lucky to live in a paradise, where Mother Earth allows us to have fresh products with which to feed us. In a society governed by the Market, as consumers we try every day to be a little more responsible trying to reduce the negative effects of the Global Market in which we live. We think and feel that food is our medicine and eating it when it is fresh really makes a difference in its taste and in its properties.


We have no interest or right to poison us! nor in poisoning you! nor in poisoning the Earth!

The price of our breakfast is €7
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