Ecological tourism

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An Oasis of tranquility sourrounded by forest and mountains. To talk about “el molino del abuelo” is to talk about the sound of the water,smell of flowers, small details here and there, art becomes part of everything around you. Years building this paradise “a candy for the senses” An Oasis of tranquility sourrounded by forest and mountains. After years traveling those two brothers wanted to open a place, “el molino del abuelo”,that combines what they love the most when they travel. The confort and privacy of having your own space, yet being in a meeting place in which if you want you could meet locals and join us to discover in depth the area, the way we live, to share conversation to learn from each other . Our goal is to give a very personalise treatment to our visitors/friends. Where we will be sharing our life and property with you. El molino del abuelo does not want to be a place to crush, rather a place to fulfill our need as human being. Sourrounded by beauty, by Nature. As an old refurbished Water mill house,the water is an esential part of our life, feeding our Organic veg garden, winding here and there giving life to houndreds of plant and flowers everywhere.

A family business , a life project in which the respect and love to Mother Earth powers everything

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