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Room 1

Jasmine room

Start From€60.00 / Night
Bed1 Double Bed
ViewMountain range and local veg garden
Bathroomprivate outside

Double bed with views of the local orchards and the mountains, just below the room there is a stream of water that will sing you beautiful nanas so you can let them take you. This wonderful room is our modest(less expensive) room The only one which Private bathroom is located outside the room in the ground floor. This bathroom is been inspired by the traditional andalusian and marrocan influences.

Regarding to the use of the kitchen we need to ask you, for your help, so everybody will feel odorless and not disturbed, in the house. we had in the past issues with times were the smells in the kitchen were too strong and people could have been disturbed by that.All of us at el molino del abuelo work with passion trying to built a place where all of you, who honor us, coming to stay,where magic experiences have room to be. to take a good care of all of you so everybody, if possible, would feel well cared and homy. We thought that would be much better, to open the use of the kitchen as a place in which you could prepare salads, snacks …(not heavy cooking), so the rest of the folk that are in the house will not notice(smell)that you are having a snack

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